Request for applications from service providers

National Fund for Municipal Workers request for applications from service providers to become preferred providers to the NFMW


National Fund for Municipal Workers (NFMW)

Services required

  1. General office maintenance services
  2. Air conditioner services
  3. Electrician services
  4. Plumbing services
  5. Stationary providers
  6. Courier services
  7. Tracing agents
  8. Printer cartridge providers
  9. Corporate branded items providers
  10. Printing and mailroom services
  11. Events management
  12. Security and alarm services
  13. Legal services

Organization’s address

Section 2,
Office Park @ Zambezi,
860 Milkplum Street,
Montana, Pretoria,


NFMW is a pension fund operating within the local government sphere. In terms of its procurement policy, NFMW gives preference to firms that have good corporate social responsibility programmes in place and to empowering suppliers to provide/supply NFMW with exceptional goods and services.


The following are the requirements in order for your proposal to be considered.

  1. B-BEE status (provide valid certified copy of the B-BEE certificate).
  2. Tax clearance certificate.
  3. Any other material information that you consider to be beneficial to your submission such as your track record in similar assignments.
  4. Is there any conflict of interests that prejudice your firm from diligently and independently deliver the required service? If there is a conflict of interests, explain how this will be managed in order not to negatively affect your professional judgment during execution of the assignment.

Please note that it is at the discretion of NFMW to consider or not to consider any proposal submitted.


Interested parties are to submit their proposals to and to, including the requirements set out above, on or before 31 July 2019. Please note that incomplete and/or information not provided as part of your submission will prejudice your proposal when adjudicating on the proposals received.