Investment update Oct 2019

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In the volatile investment climate that we are currently experiencing, and have been experiencing for some time now, it is understandable that members would be concerned about the impact that the most recent investment portfolio returns may have on their retirement savings. In this special edition of the mailer we provide answers to the questions that we have received on this topic, which we trust will also address any concerns you may have.

We can also confirm that all the NFMW-portfolios delivered positive returns during the month of September, which translates to excellent year-to-date performance figures. These figures are provided later in this mailer.

Remember, it is in times like these that it is important to remain focused on long-term investment goals and not make any important decisions based on the short term. The fund remains committed to provide well-diversified investment portfolios, which will provide real investment returns and capital growth over the long term for all its members.

We are always here to help if you need any information or assistance with any fund-related matter.

Piggy Bank


  • Where and how are my monthly retirement fund contributions invested, and who decides how my savings are invested?
  • What are the reasons for negative returns during some months, or over longer periods, and when can we expect to see positive/better returns?
  • What can be done by the fund to try and minimise any negative impact on returns for members?
  • Should I consider switching to a “safer portfolio” that provides guaranteed positive returns?
  • I was planning for an early retirement, but at the rate things are going, I will have to work longer. Do I have other options?
  • How does the NFMW’s returns compare to other local government funds?



During September, all the NFMW-portfolio returns were positive, which translates into excellent year to date performance figures. The table shows the most recent return declaration and the graph highlights the calendar year to date returns:

The table below indicates the most recent and longer-term returns experienced by the various NFMW -portfolios as at 30 July 2019.

Tree growing in money
September 2019 Year to date Last 12 months
Shari'ah Portfolio 0,84% 6,04% 1,95%
Capital Protector 0,60% 6,11% 8,08%
Stable Growth 0,87% 5,46% 5,16%
Capital Growth 0,97% 7,75% 3,47%
Aggressive Growth 1,03% 8,27% 2,64%
Investment portfolio graph

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