Jul 2019

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The fund understands its members' need for housing finance and therefore provides housing loan guarantees based on a maximum percentage of a member's fund credit. The loan is subject to approval by the relevant credit provider and must be used for housing purposes i.e. renovating of property, purchasing of property and/or a plot and/or for the settlement or partial settlement of an existing bond.

Members have the option to make use of the following two financial credit providers: currently Standard Bank and RFS Home Loans. Please note that your employer must have an agreement with your chosen financial credit provider, in order to apply for the home loan facility. A cost comparison between the two providers and their contact details are included, should you require further information and assistance with the home loan application process.

In the previous edition we mentioned that the fund will be introducing the Sanlam Loyalty Access Programme which rewards members for living a financially responsible life. The benefits include funeral support, legal assistance, emergency medical support, trauma, assault and HIV-assist, discount coupons and online calculators. Read more on how to access these and other exclusive lifestyle benefits.

The fund managed to declare positive returns on all the investment portfolios, despite the volatile investment environment experienced for the most part of the 2018/2019-financial year. The June 2019 and the cumulative year-to-date returns, with a link to the month-end report and fund fact sheets are provided.

Enjoy reading this edition of the mailer and remember, we are always here to help if you need any information or assistance with any fund-related matter.

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Sean Samons
Principal Executive Officer



All NFMW-members qualify and are automatically signed up to enjoy the rewards of the Sanlam Reality Access Programme. Click on the links below for more information on the benefits.

Download the brochure

Watch the video

Members can also contact Sanlam directly on 0860 732 548 / 0860 732 549, visit www.sanlamreality.co.za or send an e-mail to info@sanlamreality.co.za for assistance.



A cost comparison between the two financial credit providers, RFS Home Loans and Standard Bank, is provided below. The calculation is based on a loan amount of R10 000 over a 120-month(10-year) period. Current prime interest rate 10.00%.

Standard Bank RFS Home Loans
Interest rate (below prime) Prime less 1,20% Prime less 0,50%
Loan amount R10 000,00 R10 000,00
Initial fee R488,00 R500,00
Total debt R10 488,00 R10 500,00
Monthly instalment R131,73 R135,87
Monthly administration fee R22,23 R50,00
Total monthly cost R153,96 R185,87
Total repayment R18 474,60 R22 304,09
Total financing cost R8 474,60 R12 304,09
Cost difference of R3829,49 (45%)

The application forms for both financial credit providers, including the list of supporting documents required, are available on the fund’s website www.nationalfund.co.za. The contact details for the respective financial credit providers are provided should you require further information and assistance with the home loan application process:

Risk Cover

Latest Investment Portfolio Performance

Portfolio June‘19 Cumulative return (YTD)
Capital Protector 0.69% 8.36%
Stable Growth 1.84% 6.54%
Capital Growth 2.20% 4.61%
Aggressive Growth 2.22% 3.76%
Shari’ah 2.01% 4.66%

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