May 2019

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The risk cover category elected by a member determines the benefit payable in the event of death and disability*. The fund provides members with the option to elect the extent of death and disability cover, by choosing between the available categories. It is important for members to review their risk cover category from time to time to ensure that it is still best suited to their individual needs. Members can change their risk category twice a year effective 1 January and 1 July and when their personal status changes i.e. marriage, birth of a child.

More information on the risk cover categories and the applicable forms, should you wish to change, are provided below. Please take the time to also watch the latest video, which features the NFMW's benefits and services. The investment portfolio returns for April 2019, including the cumulative fund year to date returns, are also provided.

Enjoy reading this edition of the mailer and remember, we are always here to help if you need any information or assistance with any fund-related matter.

Sean Sammons - Principal Executive Officer

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Sean Samons
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NFMW RISK COVER - The risk cover option you choose determines the benefit payable should you die or become disabled* and the risk cover cost deducted from the employer's contributions every month. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the NFMW Risk cover options. The Change of Risk cover-forms are provided below which also set out the requirements for risk cover increases and decreases, should you wish to change your current category.

Risk Cover

How to confirm which risk cover category you are in:

  • Check your latest benefit statement, it will provide you with the risk cover category as at the date of the statement, including the death and disability* benefit payable.
  • Contact the fund's offices telephonically, via e-mail to or through the Contact us-form on the fund's website.
  • Members registered for the interactive service can view their risk cover category online.

* The disability claim is subject to the approval of the insurer (Sanlam)

Change of Risk cover-form (Category A/2% fund) Change of Risk cover-form (Category C/ Main fund)

Latest Investment Portfolio Performance

Investment portfolio April 2019 Cumulative YTD
Capital Protector 0.72% 6.68%
Stable Growth 1.70% 5.93%
Capital Growth 2.04% 5.42%
Aggressive Growth 2.27% 5.20%
Shari’ah 1.86% 5.29%

Watch the latest fund video on the NFMW's benefits and services

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