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Dear NFMW-member

The Board of Trustees of the National Fund for Municipal Workers (the Fund) is continually striving towards finding better and more effective means of communication to members of the Fund. The Member Web Access has proven an extremely valuable service and the Board of Trustees therefore decided to make this service available whereby members can access their personal member records on the fund’s administration system at a time convenient to them.

This service will be implemented on an individual member request basis and will be handled in the most confidential manner possible.


The registration process is provided below;

Step 1: Download and complete the Request for member web access -form by clicking here.

Step 2: E-mail the completed form to

Step 3: The fund will verify the request and send it through to Sanlam who will communicate the instructions on how to log into the Sanlam platform to you, once registration is complete.

Please note that this process can take 5 to 10 working days.

Already registered? Click here to login. 

Forgot your username and/or password? Click here to reset your username and password or contact (021) 916 1500,  if you have previously accessed Secure Services and are now experiencing problems.

You are welcome to contact the fund if you require assistance or further information.